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Otis refrigeration Service

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About Us

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Otis Refrigeration is a premier HVAC & Refrigeration Contractor serving Cincinnati since 1935. As a family-owned and operated business, we specialize in commercial Refrigeration and HVAC, offering design, installation, maintenance, and service. We are the leading manufacturer rep in the tri-state area, representing over 40 brands with direct contacts. Our experienced team, led by technicians with 35+ years in the field, averages 26.5 years of experience per technician. Committed to excellence, we aim to resolve issues efficiently, saving you money and ensuring long-term equipment efficiency and profitability. Our 'Otis Signature Service' combines cutting-edge technology, manufacturer support, and personalized communication for informed decision-making. Serving Southern Ohio, Northern and Mid Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana, Otis Refrigeration is your trusted name for HVAC, Refrigeration, Hot Foods, and FSE solutions. We are also proud equipment dealers and service providers, representing Carpigiani as the distributor for Southern Ohio

We are "the the name you can trust" since 1935

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Summary and introduction
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Team Member Bios

Team Member Bios

Features of our team

Experience: With a combined internal experience of 200+, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Expertise: Specializing in Commercial Food Service equipment, HVAC, Refrigeration, cooking equipment, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of challenges and requirements.
Reliability: Known for our reliability and dependability, our team is trusted by businesses large and small to deliver results.
Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals.


professionalism is at the core of everything we do. Our team conducts themselves with integrity, respect, and dedication, ensuring that every interaction is handled with the utmost professionalism. From our initial consultation to project completion, you can trust us to deliver excellence every step of the way.

High experience

Our management staff offers over 200 years of combined experience, while our technicians average over 7 years of expertise.

We proudly serve a wide range of clients,  delivering quality and satisfaction with every project.

High knowledge

we prioritize continuous learning and development. Our technicians undergo rigorous training, covering technical skills, safety protocols, and customer service. This commitment ensures that our team is always prepared to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

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Otis Refrigeration was founded in 1935 by Otis Longanecker, a local restaurateur who recognized the need for reliable and fair refrigeration services. The company later welcomed Otis's daughter and son-in-law, Anne and Ben, who played pivotal roles in its growth. Initially specializing in refrigeration and ice cream equipment, Otis Refrigeration quickly became a leader in the field.

Under Anne and Ben's leadership, the company expanded its services to include HVAC systems, further solidifying its position in the market. In the late 2000s, Joshua, Otis's great-grandson, joined the team, bringing fresh ideas and a passion for sales. Together with his family, Joshua helped Otis Refrigeration diversify its offerings, branching out into cooking equipment and mechanical services.

Today, Otis Refrigeration continues to thrive as a family-owned business, with a legacy of excellence spanning nearly a century. As we look to the future, we remain committed to providing our customers with top-notch service and innovative solutions.

Organizations we belong to

Organizations we belong to



The Otis Refrigeration Training Program

At Otis Refrigeration, our training program is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. We provide comprehensive training covering technical skills, customer service, safety, and compliance. Our technicians receive extensive manufacturer training and in-field support, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle any challenge. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and our continuous improvement approach guarantees that our team is always at the forefront of industry trends. With a focus on excellence and continuous learning, our training program sets the standard for quality and professionalism in the industry.


From our experienced staff to our amazing manufacturer partners, we seek out experts in the field. Our team benefits from a variety of training methods, including classroom, digital, and in-field training, ensuring they are supported by the best in the industry.


We leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our team's capabilities and efficiency. Our technicians use digital tools for diagnostics and communication, streamlining workflow and improving response times. Additionally, we utilize online training platforms to provide continuous learning opportunities, ensuring our team stays ahead of industry trends.

In-field support

Our in-field support is second to none, providing our technicians with real-time assistance and guidance. We have dedicated support staff ready to address any challenges our team may encounter on-site. This hands-on approach ensures that our technicians have the support they need to deliver top-notch service to our customers.

Technology, Tools & Equipment

Technology, Tools & Equipment

At Otis Refrigeration, we prioritize cutting-edge tools and technology to deliver efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. By staying ahead of advancements, we offer real-time monitoring and proactive maintenance, saving time and resources while ensuring exceptional service for our customers

Our technologies

Otis Refrigeration utlizes a robust invoicing and CRM citizen that allows us to better know the history of your units, increasing your ROI and maximizing your effieiceny 

Our technologies

Utilizing digital web-connected tools, we provide real-time access to your equipment, enabling our support staff to gain valuable insights into complex issues and provide immediate assistance to our teams in the field

Our technologies

We are committed to continuously exploring new technologies to enhance our service delivery and achieve outstanding results. Our goal is to not only save you money but also maximize your profits through innovative solutions and efficient practices

Why Otis?

Choose Otis Refrigeration for our long history of providing top-notch service since 1935. With over 200 years of combined experience, our expert team offers a full range of services from design to maintenance. We prioritize building relationships with our customers, constantly seeking innovative solutions to ensure your satisfaction. Our track record includes serving Fortune 500 companies, and as a family-owned business, we're dedicated to supporting our community

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Why Otis
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