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Otis Refrigeration is proud to offer multiple types of financing and terms to solve your equipment needs. We are experienced in multiple industry standards for capital acquirement and investment and are flexible to the needs of our clients. Our experienced staff and valued partnerships allow us to provide multiple solutions for your acquisition and investment needs! 

Our finacing services


Most financing is for large jobs that includes the purchase of new and complete units. For any other services or purchases please contact us for further information. *Terms and conditions apply**Otis Refrigeration is not a financial institution*

  • External 3rd Party - Our 3rd Party partner has been in the business financing space for decades. We have worked with them for millions of dollars in financing options. We even use them ourselves. A lease option with a $1 buyout. They have short-term and long-term options. 

  • Internally Managed - Our internal leasing option is an option that allows Business owners and operators to acquire certain units at an affordable entry price. Avaialble in both a Least to Own and Term based, our flexble program is designed to give our valued clients the best of both worlds. Maintenance is included and certain terms apply.

  • Client Sourced - Our team of experienced professionals have worked with many outside agencies to coordinate, provide, and administer multiple types of 3rd party requirements. No matter the requirements we can help you ensure the process goes smoothly

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