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What Would You Like to Know?

How is Otis Refrigeration different from its competitors?

We start from the ground up, with a team of techs that review all calls, with close to 100 Years of experience, to ensure that our team is fully prepared befor they arrive on site. A knowledgeable and friendly staff, no call is too simple too easy too hard or too complicated. We review every call as a team and assign calls to the best field tech or team member. We utilize factory parts at all alleviable times and quality generic parts if required. We pride ourselves on empowering YOU! Informing you of every step and option, and utilizing our expertise to offer you the best cost saving and efficient solution, however ultimately its YOUR choice!

What areas does Otis Refrigeration work in?

For general service and maintenance, we work in 4 hour round trip area from Lunken Airport in Cincinnati Ohio. With most of our customer between 15 to 60 minutes for a single trip. We service anywhere in that area from Hillsboro to Dayton to Louisville and out into Indiana. For installs we are available anywhere in the US, providing we can arrange accommodations for our team. Please note we will have to review all legal requirements, licensing and permitting for jobs outside of our normal service area. For Quotes or inquires please contact our team @ 513-321-OTIS (6847)

What advantage does Otis Refrigeration give me from its competitors?

We know nearly all of our competitors very well, and many of them are excellent teams. However, it’s our manufacture connections that is our biggest advantage, we don’t work on only 3 or 5 brands we work on them all, even better we usually know the manufactures on a first name basis at the factory. This means not only is your unit being fixed or maintained by factory trained and even on-site coached Technicians, that when the invoice comes in, we will work with the factory to ensure warranty compliance and the quickest possible escalation to a solution. These is a reason why many manufactures consider us their best asset in the field to take care of you!

How much do your products and services cost?

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer. Everything from location, to municipalities to even type of equipment can impact the cost. We do work hard to ensure that our prices our not only fair but as competitive as possible. Our team is not only 100% transparent with the work we preform but we are also 100% transparent with our billing. We work hard to make sure that your equipment is running profitably asap and at a minimum out of pocket expense to you. On average we find our ranges anywhere from $50-20 less/invoice than our main competitors. For exact prices please contact our team @ 513-321-OTIS (6847) **Please keep in mind prices for hourly rate are reveiwed yearly and dependant on multiple facotrs, prices for parts an other goods are failry priced based on market value**

What type of customers do you serve?

We are blessed with an amazing portfolio. We have literally done it all. If you or your location(s) have Roof top HVAC units, Commercial Refrigeration. Commercial Hot Food Equipment or light industrial HVAC/R OR if think you could benefit from adding it, then we would love to talk to you about how to save money and maximize your return on investment. Some examples of the amazing customers we have are: Large national franchises, Hospitals, Real estate offices and general office spaces, Healthcare facilities, Convenience stores, Ice Cream shops, gas stations, small or single owned restaurants, Universities, National restaurants, Scientific facilities, Grocery stores, any size general contractor and many more. We can help with anything from Ground up construction to servicing, maintenance and replacing of existing equipment

What if i have problem with the bill or invoice?

Simply put please contact us as soon as possible. We recognize that there are bad operators out there, who will try to take advantage of you. That’s why we believe in being 100% transparent and working with you. Still problems will arise and were happy to work with you. We operate on very small margins to try and save you as much as possible, we can’t always promise that a bill or invoice will be financially acceptable, but we can promise that we will make it right and that we will work with you and for you to ensure that you are taken care of.

I had Technicians ( Insert name) and they was awesome! can we get them every time?

First, thats great! were exicted that one of our teamates really went the extra mile to leave such an amaizing impression on you. In fact most our amaizing customers have their favorites. Were 100% ok with this. Please know though that we cannot always guarantee a timely response if you only want a certain tech. There is good news though, all of our techs work closely with each other and are available to each other for discussion review and advice. We work hard to deliver the same excellent service you have come to expect from us through all of our technicians. Some of our techs do have specialized experience or skills, but we work hard to cross train and develop avenues for us to ensure our team can service you better. The really great news, every single one of our techs have multiple customers that prefer them ... With such an excellent team, we truly feel blessed and proud to introduce them all to you.

Do you have 24/7 Emergency service?

YES! It’s something we have had for nearly 60 years now and despite the market leaning away from it and the potential burden to our team. We all agree it’s important to ensure we are available to always take care of our customers. Typically, any service calls outside of normal hours are overtime and portal to portal travel. We stock many common parts for nearly all brands, with common generic parts as well, if needed we can open supply houses to get you taken care of immdiately. Additionaly our team has developed "out of the box" solutions for downed equipment such as Walk-ins to ensure you dont lose valuable product. Please note for calls on holidays this can increase rates as well. For further information please contact our team @ 513-321-Otis( 6847)

Does Otis Refrigeration sell equipment?

Absolutely! No matter if its small, large or a custom unit, our large resource of manufactures allows us to find the perfect solution to your needs! Typically, we can offer multiple purchase, rental or leasing options as well. We would encourage you to speak with our team before making any purchase online as nearly 60% of our customers have had negative experiences resulting in loss of capital, funds and even the entire unit sometimes. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution to you, that meets your needs and criteria. Often times we can have equipment delivered and installed in anywhere from 24-72 hours.

We love your team, how can we support you?

Awe thanks! you’re going to make us blush! .... well there it goes, we are officially blushing. Honestly taking care of our customers and delivering excellence to them is really what we live for! But if you would like to offer some additional support please feel free to review us on Google, Facebook, Angieslist, or any other site. As well we would love to post your review, you can send it to us Via Email if you would like as well! Thank you, your awesome!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! typically discounts are given to Relgous facilaties and contractual customers. We are also interested in offering discounts and promotions through our social media and email marketing. If you would like to know please contact on Facebook, Email, chat down below or call (513) 321-6847

Can you tell me more about your billing, especially travel?

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer. Everything from location, to municipalities to even type of equipment can impact the cost. Some basic things to keep in mind. Any time we have to send a technician we have to cover their labor. Techs are highly skilled and trained and good ones are hard to come by. Labor billing includes their drive time. In addition we do bill for our trucks as well, everthing from taxes, insurnace, upkeep, fuel and more is included in this. Nearly all invoices will include these charges. Depending on the number of locations and/or terms and contracts charges can be negotiated. Our normal billing is Portal to Portal, Labor + Parts/Services. If your in business, you know everythig has a cost. We work really hard to be as fair as possible before you even see the bill

How can I be sure you are the right person for the job?

We have been doing this along time. in that time we know one thing for sure. It all comes down to relationship. No service company is perfect 100% of the time. We certainly are not charities either. The real question is do you think We or whoever you choose will work with you. 

A Brief story - There was a large chain in the area that had a small father son team working on their restaraunt equipment. This team stole parts of other equipment to "temporaily" fix other equipment, they bipassed critical system because they were no familar with them. This sorrt of workman ship caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, close to $50,000 per store. 

Not all nightmares are like this. And their will be times where a compressor is diagnosed and then we find a  TXV is bad as well. We hate those situations, but utlimately it all comes down to who you trust, and will your contractor work with you to get you take care of. 

There are many great teams and techs out there. However, please do your self and your equipment a favor. Find a team you like and try to stick with them (if they are taking care of you).  Imagine you switched doctors constantly, your medication and your health would be constant states of flux and unknown. Equipment is much the same and having the same people looking over it is very benificail to your overall ROI. 

What experience do you have?

Founded in 1935, internally we have over 100 years. In the feild we have an average experience of over 10 years. Our industry as a whole is experiencing a massive shortage of experience individuals. in the early 90's, 2000's and 2010's most of the entry workforce pursued college based careers other non trade careers. While nearly all the great techs from the 60's,70's and 80's are retired or leaving the feild very soon. We luckily are seeing an increase in trade schools and hopefully over the next decade there will be many more techs in the feild. We have a robust plan to teach, train and equip this new generation to give them the knoweage to delvier the Otis Advantage to you!  

What guarantees can you offer that the job will be finished on time and on budget?

Whats the old addage, a plan never survives contact with the enemy? Well this isnt the movies, and it is your business, your livelihood. We work very hard to ensure our numbers are accurate. Some typicall delays we see, are related to electricians, tiling, and roofing. This highlights that in many situations we are at the mercy of multiple other areas. Ofcourse our significiant experience helps mitigate these situations and find solutions to them. We truly feel were the best and that you wont be dissapointed by making us your partner!

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